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Cycle Against Suicide

By: Kilrush-CU

As we continue to face collective and personal challenges Cycle Against Suicide is intensifying our commitment to support your mental health and the health of those you care about. We are delighted to announce the launch of a new community initiative, the Cycle Against Suicide
Community Buddy Programme and our first virtual fundraising campaign, Share the Load on the Road. Cycle 670km with your buddy.

The Community Buddy Programme will train individuals in YOUR local communities – to be able to offer free mental health support to those who may be struggling. If you would like to nominate your local clubs or associations and support the training of a Buddy for their community, Cycle Against Suicide invite you to join us on ‘Share the Load on the Road’. By joining this 670km virtual cycle from April 24th to May 31st, you will be helping Cycle Against Suicide to create a valuable group of skilled and knowledgeable ‘Buddies’ who can provide support to people in your community.

Cycle Against Suicide Community Buddy Programme

Our Community Buddy Programme is a peer support programme that trains and equips individuals in communities with the practical, hands-on skills and knowledge they need to deliver support to those in mental health distress in their local communities. Through this programme, Buddies are trained to provide a listening ear, show empathy, discern the level of mental health distress an individual is going through, and make recommendations for appropriate professional help and resources that can help the individual cope positively and build resilience.

Research shows that the greatest impact is made when support is provided locally by people and organisations who are part of the communities they serve. This is why we are working to create, embed and promote ‘Buddy Communities' across Ireland. Like a neighbourhood watch, these Buddy Communities will be equipped to provide free, ongoing support for those in their communities who have mental health struggles and need help to cope and improve their quality of life.

Cycle Against Suicide is working to train and deploy ‘Buddies’ into communities across Ireland. W are now inviting local clubs and associations that already have individuals Garda vetted to nominate themselves for our Community Buddy training programme. Full details are available at:

Share the Load on the Road (Replacing our Annual Main Cycle)

We are delighted to announce the launch of Share the Load on the Road, a virtual cycling event that gives everyone in Ireland the chance to support one another and our ‘Community Buddy’ programme. Share the Load on the Road replaces this year’s annual Main Cycle. We are committed to keeping the spirit of our annual Main Cycle alive, but due to COVID-19 it’s going to look a LOT different this year.

Starting on April 24th, we are challenging you to cycle the same 670km route of our Main Cycle
event. In the spirit of mutual support that our annual Main Cycle has come to represent, we ask you
to complete the event with someone who maybe in need of support. So, nominate a buddy or buddies to join you and together, Share the Load on the Road! Full details are available at:

The funds raised will go towards the training of Community Buddies, who can provide free, ongoing support on mental health issues in your local communities. We would be grateful share details of this event with your family, friends and work colleagues and encourage all to get involved.

The need to invest in mental health is not a question, it is an imperative. Together let us avoid the devastation that a lack of mental health support can cause to communities. Join us, and together let’s create a valuable group of skilled and knowledgeable ‘Buddies’ who can provide support to
people in your community who may be struggling.

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