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About Our Personal Loans

10% Variable – 10.47% APR

Our standard personal loan at a rate of 10% (APR 10.47%) can be used for all other purposes not fitting the definition of other loan categories listed.

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Features of Personal Loan

Whether you are looking for a loan to do up your home, buy a car, organise your dream wedding or to go on a trip of a life, Kilrush Credit Union will have the loan for you.

No Stress

We don’t want you to worry, so we’ll be here to answers all your concerns.

We Get Personal

With us you are more than just a number. It’s about more than just your credit history.

No Fees or Charges

Banks charge you fees to use your account. We don’t. Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

Reducing Interest

The more you pay off the less interest you pay. Nice!

Personal Loan - Eligibility

If you are a member and you have shares saved then you may apply for a loan. No two cases are the same and each loan application will be looked at on its own merits. However some general guidelines about the criteria for loan assessment are as follows:


Are you saving regularly and how much you have in your savings.


Your ability to repay the loan.

History & Credit Check

Your previous history with the credit union and your credit check with ICB/CCR.

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